What Makes You Feel Beautiful?


In our backyard, we have a Radiant swimming pool, 4-1/2 foot deep and buried half in-ground. We also have a salt water chlorinator, and a heater. For five months out of the year, in weird-weather Iowa, I can be found in that bad boy at least once a day. Every day.

And while sunny days are fabulous, my absolute hands-down favorite time to be in it is at night, all by myself. I glide, I float, I skim the surface with barely a sound. I feel as graceful and fluid as every beautiful sea creature you’ve ever seen.

On land, I may be a little clumsy and uncoordinated, aging and stiff. But in the water, I am beautiful. I am timeless. I am serene and regal.

Where do YOU feel beautiful?

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4 thoughts on “What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

  1. That was beautiful….and what an interesting thought to ponder, too. I think what makes me feel beautiful changes, ebbs and flows. Lately it’s little things like taking time to do my nails or wearing flowy maxi dresses…but now you’ve got me trying to think of more.

    Great post!

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